because the less time you spend deciding what to order, the more time you have to enjoy your meal

About Us

Deciding where to eat is probably one of the hardest decisions we have to make, especially when we're hungy... and when you're already sitting down at a restaurant, choosing what to order from that long & confusing menu is not so amusing either... We're here to make your life easier.. Traveling around the world and eating at the best and yummiest restaurants has inspired us to create your go-to guide when deciding where to eat and what to order. We do not recommend anything we haven't tried, and only what meets our "Good-Food" standards, so when you see a place we recommend, you know that it must be good.

Our History:

We have always been "foodies." Not only because we love to eat, but because we love snapping photos of our food and sharing it with people. We started sharing our food pics on Instagram in 2014, and expanded onto Facebook and Snapchat where followers can learn more about restaurants, and be up to date with our upcoming events. You almost feel like you're sitting there eating with us.